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DoseMeRx is easy-to-use Bayesian dosing software that allows clinicians to dose a patient based upon that patient’s individual ability to absorb, process, and clear a drug. DoseMeRx is the only regulatory-cleared dose individualisation product available today, with a CE mark and TGA ARTG listing.

DoseMeRx has partnered to build this site to help with introductory pharmacokinetics and precision dosing for therapeutic drug monitoring. Often, pharmacokinetics is taught in a very non-visual and disconnected way. While it’s important to memorise that a change in renal function will change a dose of a renally cleared drug, for example, it’s hard to see what this actually looks like or the degree of affect. Similarly, what does \(C = D \times e^{-k_et}\) actually look like in practice? With visual software, however, it’s much easier to see. To support teaching, a restricted version of DoseMeRx has been made available free of charge to students and academic staff for teaching purposes.

DoseMeRx is designed to be used by clinicians and healthcare practitioners (rather than by scientists or mathematicians). By focusing on healthcare professionals, DoseMeRx can directly improve patient care by improving dosing. DoseMeRx is available for use by clinicians at the bedside via portable smart-devices, at their desk via rich web-app, as well as being able to be integrated into patient management software. DoseMeRx supports use by anyone from a single clinician to across an entire hospital.

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