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    Nothing beats real cases
    Tutorials are based on real patient cases.
    Understand the presentation, the clinical
    reasoning process and outcomes.
The Dosing Institute: Pharmacokinetics in Action

Learn how to dose a patient based upon that patient's individual ability to absorb, process, and clear a drug. See the importance of individualized dosing by examining case studies of personalizing antibiotic dosing.

What Others Are Saying

Clinical Pharmacokinetics In Action

"That was a good seminar. It helped us understand and relate the concepts of clinical pharmacokinetics and helped me understand how tools like DoseMe are used in real world to adjust patient doses in real time."

Texas Tech

Learn about Real-World Tools

"I never knew that there were tools like DoseMe that will help us in adjusting a patient's dose. I was thinking we need to calculate manually and adjust dose like we do in class."

Texas Tech

Integrate ID and PK Knowledge

"After the seminar I now understand more about infectious diseases because we study infectious diseases and pharmacokinetics in the same semester and it makes sense now how tools like these help pharmacists clinically."

Texas Tech